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If you're reading this you probably have the same interests as those of us who are Capital Wing members: warbirds, WWII, and aviation in general. Why not consider membership in the Capital Wing? You do not need to be a pilot or mechanicWhatever your background and skills, there's a place for you in the Capital Wing. And no experience is necessary.

In addition to the satisfaction of keeping our warbirds flying to honor the thousands of men and women who built, serviced, and flew these vintage aircraft, there are several benefits of being a Capital Wing member.

  • Opportunity to work on our warbirds with our Maintenance Team.

  • Learn to operate our 1942 dog tag machine.

  • Be part of the Ground Crew loading/unloading passengers from our warbirds.

  • Occasionally have the opportunity to fly in one of our warbirds.

  • Travel to airshows and our own Warbird Showcases throughout the mid-Atlantic region and support our events. Click here to see what that looks like.

  • If you are a pilot, there may be opportunities for you to fly one of our warbirds. Click here for more information.

For a little more information on Capital Wing membership, click here, or contact us at


To become a member of the Capital Wing, there are only three steps:

  1. Complete the Membership Application.

  2. Pay annual wing dues of $50 ($25 if joining October thru December).

  3. Join the national CAF (Commemorative Air Force) with annual dues of $225.

Just click on the links below. We look forward to meeting you!​

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